Cesme School of Tourism and Hotel Management

Ege University Cesme School of Tourism and Hotel Management was first founded as a vocational school in 1987. Since 2004 Cesme School of Tourism and Hotel Management has been a four-year program giving a Bachelor of Arts Degree. All our students take optional one year basic English program before their professional education in tourism. The faculty has three different departments- Hotel Management (this department has also evening education.), Travel Management and Tour Guidance-.
The educational aim of the programs is to provide students with contemporary knowledge, with effective decision making techniques and with the ability to identify opportunities and challenges in today’s industries. Our students get the chance of learning at least 2 foreign languages during their education. As a part of their education, students at the departments of Travel and Hotel Management are required to complete one-term internship at hotels and travel agencies. Our graduates can easily find work at hotels, holiday villages, the food and beverage sector, travel agencies and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism etc.